We at StormKing LOVE barbecue and our barbecue lovers! On the other hand we HATE losing money and need to change how we operate. We will close after Friday, March 30th and reopen April 7th as a Saturday only barbecue. StormKing will now be open noon 'til 5 on Saturdays,or until we run out of meat. Thanks for the love and we'll see you next week!

Welcome To StormKing Barbecue!

 True Texas style barbecue in the North

we smoke meats you can trust! we use all natural hormone & antibiotic free beef, pork and chicken. we load our smoker each night for the next day and we'll never serve you yesterday's barbecue sometimes we run out.


For first timers, we recommend ordering our 1 person and 2 person specials or the Perfect Storm which feeds 4-5 people. This allows you to try multiple menu items and is also helpful in determining quantities of barbecue. A three person group would be satisfied with one each of the 1 and 2 person specials and 10 people would get their fill with two Perfect Storms! Sides are also available to add onto any special with small, medium and large sizes.


If you are already familiar with StormKing, you may be more interested in custom building your order. You will want to plan for roughly a half pound of meat person. A half pound is equal to half rack of ribs, one sausage or a quarter chicken.  An order for three could consist of one pound of brisket and a quarter chicken or a slab of ribs and a sausage. Pair that with 2 medium sides and you would be set!  A ten person group might want all brisket so you would figure a half pound per person which would be five pounds for the group which is also about a whole brisket. For 10, you could also do 5 racks of ribs or a whole chicken. Another option would include a whole chicken, 2 racks of ribs, a pound of pulled pork and 3 large sides.


Pickles, onions, jalapenos, dinner rolls and sauce are added to orders with no charge! We also have pie from Pie & Mighty so make sure to get a slice or a whole one with your next order!


We are a living wage, gratuity free joint!

Contact Us



16 1/2 West 26th Street

Minneapolis, MN 55404


Saturday 12-5 pm


612 353 5525